Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Son Alberti

After four weeks of unpleasant cold and wet, very wet days, it seems that good weather has settled provisionally in Menorca.

I had wanted to revisit the area of Son Alberti and Biniarroi for some time. These two farms that once were prosperous, when the countryside in Menorca was productive and profitable, today are practically abandoned.

Son Alberti old farm
An old abandoned millstone is the witness of an activity that is lost today.

It is proven that the area was already populated more than two thousand years ago and in these lands rise a fortified redoubt that takes advantage of a curious rock of difficult access. Probably the first farmers of Menorca used the fertile lands at the bottom of the ravines and with watchtowers like this they could watch their lands and defend them if necessary.

 The fortified hillock.

 Two views of the valley that extends to the foot of the rock

Entrance to the cave

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